1. Payment is in advance. A preauthorised amount is taken of the full retail value of the cake tin(s) and decorating tips in the event that they are not returned or are returned damaged. The security deposit is $50 for most cake tins and $90 for Nordic Ware.
  2. Late returns will result in a $5 per day penalty charge. If you wish to extend your loan, please email (admin@cakely.com.au) or call Joy@Cakely (0435372559) before your return date to request this. If someone else has the tin booked then you will unfortunately be required to return it on time. If it is not booked, we will happily extend your loan and you will be charged the regular amount for the additional days hired out.
  3. Deposits are FULLY REFUNDED when the cake tin(s) and decorating tips are returned:
    a. on or before the designated return date and time; and
    b. without damage. This includes warping to the shape of the cake tin, significant scratches or dents or damage from being put in the dishwasher.
  4. If damage is sustained to the cake tin, a proportion of the deposit will be retained. The proportion retained will reflect the cost of repairs.
  5. If the cake tin(s) and decorating tips are damaged beyond repair, a replacement charge will apply. Replacement charges reflect RRP of the tin hired.
  6. Lost or damaged decorating tips incur a replacement cost between $3.50 – $12.00, depending on the RRP of the decorating tip.
  7. Do not clean the cake tin in the dishwasher. Doing so will leave a coating on the cake tin that constitutes damage and forfeiture of your deposit. Hand wash tins only in warm soapy water and a soft cloth. 
  8. Cake tins that are returned without being properly cleaned (i.e. contain ingredient residue or are greasy) will attract a $10 cleaning fee.
  9. Please prepare the tins properly. This includes spraying all tins well with vegetable oil (such as canola) before use followed by a coat of flour. Wait 10 minutes once cake is removed from the oven before attempting to release the cake. Do not use oil, butter or non-stick spray.
  10. Do not use sharp objects or bash the pans to try and remove cake.
  11. THANK YOU for taking excellent care of our cake tins and decorating tips!