Nordic Ware train locomotive cake pan

From  $2.00 - $4.00 per day

This high quality heavy aluminium cake mold makes for an impressive cake for anyone who admires trains. From a first birthday party and beyond, this train mold will delight your family and friends and make a classy centrepiece. To feed more people or write on your cake with icing, place this cake onto a larger rectangle cake.

In order to fully enjoy the intricate details of this high quality cake mold, bake your cake with your favourite moist cake mix and avoid icing fully over the cake. Keep piping simple and stick sweets and chocolate onto the cake using royal icing or buttercream as the ‘glue’. You may also like to create a train track out of liquorice or chocolate, such as Kit Kats. Perhaps some fairy floss or popcorn steam? Fill the back carriage up with chocolate coated sultanas or smarties. Be creative, have fun and personalise your train!

Nordic Ware is made in the USA.

Day based pricing : Nordic Ware train
Friday - $4.00
Saturday - $4.00
Sunday - $3.00
Monday - $2.00
Tuesday - $2.00
Wednesday - $2.00
Thursday - $3.00
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Dimensions 31.3 × 8 × 18.7 cm


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